Crossroads Tree Service and Landscaping

We are a complete residential and commercial tree cutting and landscaping company serving West Tennessee and North Louisiana. We specialize in the cutting and removal of trees, tree limbs, and stumps, as well as general landscaping design, maintenance, and irrigation services.

Established in 2001, Crossroads Tree Service and Landscaping is family owned and operated. With over 17 years of industry experience, our staff can accommodate the smallest or largest job,  working hard to meet the individual needs of each client.

Tree Service

Trimming and Pruning

There is more to trimming branches than simply cutting them off. Whether you are trying to make your property more safe by removing dead or broken branches, or you simply want to maintain the shape and appearance of your trees, we have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to properly trim and prune tree branches.


Cutting & Removal

Cutting, or falling, a tree is something that should always be left to professionals. If a tree on your property is dead and posing a safety hazard, or if you simply wish to remove it, we have the equipment necessary to cut down any size tree to ensure that it falls safely. We also have the equipment necessary to cut and haul the trunk away once it has fallen.


Stump Removal

Although cutting down a tree is an intense project, it’s actually straightforward when compared with removing a stump. If you have a stump in your yard where a tree was cut down by us or anyone else, we have the knowledge and means to remove it from the ground and leave the area looking clean and professional.


In addition to servicing trees, we offer full-service lawn care and maintenance for commercial and residential properties. Here are just a few examples of the services we provide:

Lawn care Landscaping
Floral design Irrigation
Landscape lighting Mulch
Mowing Hedge trimming
Sodding Pond builders
Fertilizing Pressure washing
Driveway and concrete sealing Home repair


We’re excited to hear how we can help you. If you are interested in our services, looking for a quote, or have any questions, please contact us using


or contact us directly:
1 (731) 616-1565 – Joe Fuzzell (West TN)
1 (318) 594-1668 – Joey Fuzzell (North LA)